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Information - About ARTIO

yellowprimeThe Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) is an Industrial Organisation of Employers registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996. It represents employers and prime contractors in the transport and logistics industry, particularly those engaged in road transport.

ARTIO has in excess of 500 members. These include the large multi-national transport companies such as Toll, Linfox etc down to the small family owned businesses that perform a large percentage of Australia’s freight task.

ARTIO operates as a federation with Branches in all States except South Australia. ARTIO and its Branches operate independently and in accordance with the particular Constitution applying in that Branch.

ARTIO Council, which has a representative from each State, meets on a bi-monthly basis to consider and discuss IR issues impacting on the organisation (industry) and its members. Much of its day-to-day activities are carried out by the Branches, especially when dealing with operational issues and provision of advice to members on issues surrounding industrial obligations and other regulatory matters.

In fact, the ARTIO Branch works in such close conjunction with the particular State Road Transport or Trucking Association that transport operators receive a seamless commercial and industrial service without fully understanding the different legal structures in place. Both the Victorian Transport Association and the Queensland Trucking Association have recently celebrated their centenary years.

When ARTIO’s membership is combined with that of the State Associations there is immediate access to over 1500 transport operators.

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